The new way to be an entrepreneur

My way to Blue Economy

I’ve alway wanted to be an entrepreneur. I like to create, change, and I think, most of all, being different. I have already created a startup in some robotic/innovation/draw/ ’s area. I really enjoyed working there, with two friends for a year, develop the robot, try to find our customer, understand what, why and for who we worked so hard. I was stimulated because it was new, people loved our robot and we were free -with my friend/co-founder- to do whatever we want.
However, even if our product was an innovation, our startup wasn’t. It was like all those entrepreneurs trying to « solve » an issue with a product but generally, it is more about being an entrepreneur than really try to solve a problem that motivated theme (and us).
As I said, I want to do thing differently and I do believe that the start-up model is already outdated (at least for me).
« I want to be an entrepreneur no matter what »

The Bleu Economy

Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli

This notion refers to The Blue Economy: 10 years – 100 innovations – 100 million jobs which is a book written by Gunter Pauli. The book expresses the ultimate aim that a Blue Economy business model will shift society from scarcity to abundance “with what is locally available”, bytackling issues that cause environmental and related problems in new ways. The book highlights potential benefits in connecting and combining seemingly disparate environmental problems with open-source scientific solutions based upon physical processes common in the natural world, to create solutions that are both environmentally beneficial and which have financial and wider social benefits. (Wikipedia)

The problem

The way we do business nowaday is linear : Extraction, transformation, consumption and destruction.